brake4fun is more than a name… It’s our lifestyle philosophy.

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A beautiful ass in a beautiful bikini - brake4funMrs. Brake and I have decided to exit the exciting and exotic world of lifestyle media.  We don’t do this lightly. Our plan was to deliver one podcast each month that would be sexy, stimulating, and entertaining.  Unfortunately, our busy lives didn’t allow enough time to produce our podcasts with the quality and timeliness we wanted.  So we have stepped down to be simple, sporadic bloggers.

In our blog we will explore our lifestyle escapades and adventures.  We will cover the good, the bad, and the ugly. We will share our stories of dates and meetups, we will review sex toys, swinger destinations, and other swingeree things.

We will strive to writ compelling blog content that you can use to as you take your own lifestyle journey.  We plan to review books and internet resources that are sexy, interesting, and fun.

This is X-rated adult content at times.  As such it will not be appropriate for anyone under the age of 18.

Buckle up!  We may have to stop short as we brake for fun…