Brake4fun Story – Creating a podcast to chronicle our strengthening relationship

Who would have ever thought that we could strengthen our bond by inviting other couples and singles into our bedroom?  What?!  The swinger lifestyle is a good thing?  Follow the break4fun story to learn the anwers

Growing Together

Our story is a love story, an epic adventure, and a tale of best friends.  Not surprisingly, we have been together for nearly two decades.  In that time, we have always worked hard to grow, change and adapt to the world around us.  Surprisingly, or not so surprisingly, the lifestyle has improved ourselves and our relationship as we made a conscious effort to grow together and move forward in the same direction.

Shop Adam & Eve!

We had always had this as a intensely sexy staple in our bedroom fantasy life. But, we were always afraid of how it would play out in reality.  As pillow talk, it was super hot.  But, with real people there, would it be weird?  Would it be comfortable?  Would we be jealous?  Would it break our relationship?  Because we didn’t know the answer to these questions, we pushed it off, and out of our minds.    It was just a fantasy.


Fast forward, and we are no longer newbies in the lifestyle.   And, it did not break our relationship.  In fact, and this was our biggest surprise, it made our relationship stronger.  Our communication, which we always thought was top notch, has expanded and improved in ways we never imagined.  Join us on our blog to learn more about how this happens as it happens.

Join Us

Join us on our podcasts where we share our sexy adventures, break down how and why this works, and how it can enhance a strong relationship.  We share sexy resources, interview key people who understand the swinging lifestyle, and ask and answer questions that will entertain and enlighten. Our stories are for the curious couples out there, for the aspiring swing lifestyle couples, and for seasoned swingers alike.

— Mr. & Mrs Brake