Brake4fun – Exit 2 – Desire Pearl, Swingers, & Lifestyle Origins Is Available

We are back on schedule.

Brake4fun Exit 2 – Desire Pearl, Swingers, & Lifestyle Origins is available. We may have missed November with all the sexy Desire Pearl vacationing… and holidays… and Surgeries… But we are back on track in December!

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Exit 2 – Desire Pearl, Swingers, & Lifestyle Origins

The Sexy Mrs Brake sporting a new Green Bikini
Mrs Brake in her Green Bikini At Desire Pearl

We heard you loud and clear after the release of episode one – you said, “Give us better audio quality!!”. To that end we have learned how to adjust the gain and trim on our mixing panel and we have changed the recording quality settings.  Even so, we have not yet achieved perfection.   Our hitchhiker segment was recorded in our room at Desire Pearl and its the best we could manage as we were recording 4 people with 2 mics.   Hopefully you enjoy the improved sound in Brake4fun Exit 2.  We are still getting comfortable with our recording gear, but we are working to continually improve.  Send us a note at to let us know you thoughts!

Mr & Mrs Brake playing at Desire Pearl
Naughty GIrl

For content… whew!  We ended up with too much great stuff.   We started with nearly 2 and a half hours of material and have edited it down to a 90 minute, epic, marathon of a podcast.  Typically, we will shoot for 45 minutes to an hour.  However, most of what was cut was Mrs Brake and I yammering on about things. Things we will share on a future Exit.

What made it into the Brake4fun Exit 2?   

Well, J & E from California joined us and, in a 50 minute interview,  shared one of the most interesting swinger origin stories of all time.   Mrs Brake and I chat briefly about our November activities. We also recorded the Reservations (aka newbie fears and concerns) we had ahead of our trip to Desire Pearl, then went back and talked through the reality we discovered at Swinger Fantasy Land (aka Desire Pearl).  Finally, we look ahead at the new year and our really, really blank swinger schedule.


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