Brake4fun – Exit 3- Swinging Lifestyle & Connections is Available

Our Third Episode is Available

We are proud to release Brake4fun Exit 3 – Swinging Lifestyle & Connections today.  We poke some fun at some of the situations that tested our connection and highlight how swinging can improve intimacy while teaching you things about yourself and your partner.

In this episode, we added some additional gear to help with our audio quality.  I think that we are finally getting a handle on the audio settings for our mixing panel.

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Hop in the Backseat and Listen

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Getting seriously hot and heavy behind the sheer curtain

the next 48 hours.

The full episode list is available here.

Join us to learn about connections in the swinger lifestyle and to hear our Junk in the Trunk reviews.  In this episode we review his & hers sex toys.  Spoiler Alert!  One is much better received than the other.

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We hope you enjoy Exit 3 – Swinging Lifestyle & Connections.

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