Mrs Brake Shares our Lifestyle Beginnings

Mrs Brake on Getting Started…

This is Mrs. Brake. Welcome to my FIRST LIFESTYLE blog post!  YAY!!!  Recording and releasing the first episode of our podcast was interesting, scary, fun, intimidating, and exhilarating all at the same time!  Obviously, there’s the fear of being judged and/or not being accepted, but there are also feelings of vulnerability in letting others have a glimpse into this most-intimate part of our life. I’m not sure that those feelings will ever go away, but I suppose if we are to continue on this path, I have to embrace the craziness of this mixed bag and ZOOM on down the road (see what I did there? Ahahaha – yes, I’m a dork)!

The First Lifestyle Podcast Episode

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Because we were so tight on time for this first episode, I don’t think we had the chance to truly discuss how we got our start in the Lifestyle. That first leap is such a fascinating topic to me and it’s something we always discuss with couples we meet.  Everyone has their own story and I just love listening to how people decided they wanted to do this, how they actually started that initial conversation, what the first move was and how those desires were received by the other partner in the relationship.

As for our journey, I’ll just start with saying, I love porn. Not the “made for women” porn though.  Just cut the cheesy scenarios and bad dialog and get to the fucking. And, not just any fucking either. There are certain porn movies where the women are just going through the motions – move here, suck there, now moan loudly. Nope!  I want to feel like they WANT to be fucked and everything is happening organically.  Now that’s good porn!  All that said, porn is really how I fantasize.  It turns out, I am not good at visualizing a scenario on my own, so porn (or Mr. Brake) does that for me.  We have always watched porn together and fantasized about ourselves in the various scenes.   That was just great fuel for us.  Whew, we have had some really hot shenanigans in the bedroom over the years – fueled by porn fantasies!

First Foray into the Lifestyle

I suppose we could say we had our first foray into the lifestyle about 3 years into our marriage.  One of our biggest fantasies, way back then, was to have a ménage à trois.  One night, Mr. Brake’s best friend was over, the kiddos were in bed and the stars aligned (and by that, I mean enough alcohol had been consumed), and I made a move. Yep, I initiated! I am not an initiator, but that night, I sure got it started!

I remember so clearly that night so long ago. The lights were dimmed, music was playing. Mr. Brake was sitting in the La-Z-Boy. I was lying on the couch and Mr. Best Friend was giving me a foot rub.  Something clicked in my head and I just sat up, pulled myself on top of him and gave him a very sensual kiss. It didn’t take long before both men were kissing me, caressing my body, and removing my clothing….bit by bit. How we got from the living room to the bedroom is a bit fuzzy, but we spent hours in the bedroom in every possible position that night.  It was a super sexy night for us.

The next morning when we woke, Mr. Best Friend headed out and Mr. Brake and I could not keep our hands off each other. That night was so hot and made us want each other even more than ever. It was all that we thought it would be and there were absolutely zero jealous or weird feelings about it.  Nothing ever happened again with Mr. Best Friend (nor do we want it to!). It’s been completely platonic and vanilla since.  He’s part of our family and just so happened to share a really crazy, drunken night with us.

Time Slipped by…

Over 20 years passed between that hot night and our night with Micro-Penis (sorry MP!). I’m not sure why it didn’t happen again sooner, I just thought it would be weird with other people.  I always feared damaging our relationship by involving others.  Over time, I created this huge obstacle in my head and I was certain that real feelings and emotions would get in the way of fun – if we were to ever indulge again.  Add to that fear – kids, jobs, vanilla friends…. and life just got in the way.

One day about a year ago, I was at the office listening to podcasts as I worked.  Some of my favorites were NPR’s Fresh Air, Sex Nerd Sandra, The Savage Lovecast, and Death Sex and Money. After listening to all available episodes, I was searching for something new.

I don’t know what my search parameters were, but I came to The Hot Wife Life.   Over the next few days I listened to 2 or 3 episodes before deciding to send Mr. Brake a message – “Hey, there’s this podcast I think you’ll find interesting”.  Not even 5 minutes later, the text back was “YOU naughty girl!!”.  That night, I barely got in the door before he was tearing my clothes off me and we had the most awesome sex ever.   He soon found other podcasts like, We Gotta Thing, That Couple Next Door and Swinging Down Under.  From there we created an SLS and Kasadie profile, and well, that kicked off this new adventure!

Now, as we continue our journey, we enter into the fantastic world of sex-positive lifestyle pod-casting.  We hope you’ll stick around for the ride.

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