Lifestyle Date Last Weekend Was Hot!

We were able to hit the brakes last weekend for a lifestyle date.  Which lead us into a really hot, sexy time.

One of the things that people may not know about the lifestyle – outsiders and newbies alike – is that it’s not all about sex.  It’s about people.  In our minds, a lifestyle date is about meeting like minded friends who know how to have fun.  And, if the stars line up, there may be some hot, sexy times involved.

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Our Friends…

Let’s see how this couple has come to be among our favorite lifestyle friends.

First, it’s not just because they are hot and sexy (And, yes… they are hot and sexy). He has sparkling eyes that crinkle when he smiles – a big turn on for Mrs. Brake.  And she has beautiful eyes and a sexy body adorned with the cutest freckles that I just can’t resist.  Though we were initially attracted to their good looks, style, and playful flirty banter, we have come to appreciate their minds as much as their bodies.  Without being able to enjoy their company, there would be one lifestyle date for drinks or dinner.  Then, Mrs. Brake and I would climb back into our proverbial car, hit the proverbial gas, and get back on the highway.

The Lifestyle Date

We always have a fun time with these guys.  Our lifestyle date started in an ale house/pub that was selected because it was across the street from the show venue.  We chatted easily over dinner, caught up on our day-to-day lives and enjoyed a drink and some of the best pub fare we have had in a long time. After that, we paid the bill and headed over for a truly great laugh.  Our friends had recommended a comedian that we had not seen before.  But we trust their tastes and this irreverent performance had us laughing our asses off!

Following the show we shared an uber and headed back over to the hotel.  I was in heaven.  Sitting in the middle of the back seat, between two beautiful women, was a little fun as there was a little kissing and touching on the short ride.  On arrival, we stopped at the hotel bar and picked up cocktails to bring up to the room.  Once we got to the room, things happened quickly.  Clothes come off… we managed to get four people very comfortably on the king sized bed. In all, it was a very hot, sexy time.

To hear all the details, you will need to check for Episode 2 which should be out after Christmas and before New Years Day.  We are looking forward to many more lifestyle dates as we kick off another hot swinging year in 2018.

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