Sexy Halloween Party


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Sexy Halloween

Mrs. Brake and I attended our first lifestyle party last weekend.  It was a sexy halloween party!  We met up with some friends for a bit of a pre party then headed over for a fun night of drinking, dancing and sexy shenanigans.

Our Costumes


We went as our favorite Kik emoticons – angel & devil.   That is, we were a sexy version of those emoticons.  Mrs Brake’s thigh-high lace-up boots complimented her red dress perfectly.  She looked very sexy.  The whole thing almost fell apart at the last minute as there was a snafu with her rhinestone devil horns… Fortunately, I was able to tap into my latent engineering skills in order to improvise a repair.  My angel costume was a simple white outfit with a nifty floating halo and real white feathered wings.


As we pulled into the parking lot, we knew we were in the right place.  Even though we were one invited inside.

Clearly the party organizers spent some time on the lay out and decorations to make this a sexy Halloween.  The room was dark, yet with black lights, small point lighting and special effect lighting there was enough light to see. The halloween theme was present everywhere and the place just felt fun and sexy.  The main room had a giant skeleton, lots of ghosts and judicious use of orange and black.

The playrooms, and there were about a dozen of them, were off to the side and included towels and other essentials.  Each area was separated by curtains or beads, or some other semi-transparent material that enabled passers by to get a look at what was going on.  This made it the perfect place for watching or, if so inclined, for putting on a little show.

The Guests

The sexy feel of the room came, no doubt, from the hundreds of sexy party-goers in attendance.  There were so many sexy costumes. As the night progressed the clothing slowly came off and the costumes went from sexy, to salacious, to sizzling!  Everyone was there, from Jessica Rabbit, to Lara Croft – each costume more sexy than the next. As you might imagine, the crowd was friendly and playful.

Mrs Brake and I will be talking through our interpretations of the event in a bit more detail in Episode 2.


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