List of Brake4Fun Podcast Episodes

This list links to the permanent repository of Brake4Fun podcast episodes.  This is the full Brake4Fun episode list.

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[30 JAN 2017]  Exit 3:  Swinging Lifestyle & Connections

Mr & Mrs Brake lightheartedly discuss some of the connection challenges they have experienced out on the highway of swingerness. They explore their connection to each other and the connections they form with their swinging lifestyle friends. This episode also debuts the Junk in the Trunk segment with two sex toy reviews – one men’s toy and one lady’s toy.

[30 DEC 2017]  Exit 2:  Desire Pearl, Swingers, & lifestyle Origins

Mr & Mrs Brake lure J & E, a super sexy couple from California, back to their room at Desire Pearl. No! it’s not like that! It’s a hitchhiker interview. E & J share their personal swing lifestyle origin story and discuss the events that shaped their 6 month venture into the swinging lifestyle.

[31 OCT 2017]  Exit 1:  Meet Mr. & Mrs. Brake;  Swing Styles – chat with C & D of 

This episode introduces us, Mr & Mrs Brake.  We talk a bit about our delayed start in the lifestyle and what we would change if we could go back. We share the story of our very first “Lifestyle Date” with a single guy. And we spend some time chatting with C & D of about the ever evolving swing style that each of us develops as we navigate the swinging lifestyle.