First brake4fun Lifestyle Podcast – Swing Style – Coming Soon

We have recorded quite a bit of content even if the sound quality is iffy.  That said, our first episode of the brake4fun lifestyle podcast is getting closer to being published.  Now the editing…

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Mrs Brake and I had a lot of fun, including sex breaks, while recording our first episode of the Brake 4 Fun podcast.   Even more, we consider ourselves very lucky to have C & D from Swinging Down Under as guests on our first episode.  All in all, our podcasting journey is starting strong.  Even more, we are designing the Brake4fun podcast to bring our listeners value while we explore our lifestyle experiences as we move forward in our lifestyle journey as podcasting swingers.

What you can expect in the first episode is:

  • An introduction to Mr. &  Mrs Brake.
  • The story of our entry into the lifestyle.
  • We’ll share one of our first experiences.  (The single male is a swinging experience that we frame up as AFOL – Another Fucking Opportunity to Learn!)
  • We’ll sit down with our friends C & D from SwingingDownUnder
    • Discuss swing styles for couples
    • We discuss how our views, beliefs, and intentions evolve
      • How we change as each of us makes our way along the timeline of our lifestyle journey.
      • Call it swing style, swinger-style, swingstyle, or just your lifestyle preferences
      • We will chat about where we start and how each couple’s approach to the lifestyle morphs and changes as they move forward through time.
  • We look down the road to see what’s coming next for Mr & Mrs Brake.

Getting our first episode posted and syndicated is our next big challenge.  It looks like our journey has lead us into the world of podcasting.   Therefore, this is the latest adaptation of the brake4fun swing style.

Check back here towards the end of October to download and listen to the premier episode of the brake4fun podcast.

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