Lifestyle Fun Ahead. Slow down. Hit the brakes.

The brake4fun dashboard indicator is ON!

Our lifestyle podcast journey begins.

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Mrs. Brake and I have decided to take the plunge and enter the exciting and exotic world of lifestyle media.  To be clear, we aren’t entering into this lightly. We are a long-time married couple exploring our sexuality and sharing our experiences with the world on, our lifestyle podcast.  Our plan is to deliver one podcast each month that will be sexy, stimulating, and entertaining. Furthermore, we follow a format that pokes fun at our title – brake4fun. Just for fun, we are carrying on the driving fast down the highway of life metaphor a little too far.  😛

Join us as we explore our lifestyle escapades and adventures.  We will cover the good, the bad, and the ugly in this lifestyle podcast.  Even more, we will keep our blog up to date with episode previews and follow ups on selected topics.  We will share our stories of dates and meetups that went according to plan. And, we will also be sharing some of the not so sexy outcomes.

Each month we will strive to bring you some compelling content that you can use to as you take your own lifestyle journey.  Moreover, we plan to review books and internet resources that are sexy, interesting, and fun.  And, we will work to include a guest segment in some of our shows to shine the light on the some aspect of the lifestyle.  Our guests will talk about their experiences, their events, their lifestyle destinations, and their lifestyle friendly products and services.

Our regular podcast segments will be as follows:

  • Trip Planner – A look at today’s show.  We’ll preview the segments and guests we will be visiting with.
  • Road Houses and Scenic Views – A review of hour escapades in the lifestyle
  • Picking up Hitch Hikers – Our guest chat segment.  We chat with smarter people that have great experience to share.
  • Junk in the Trunk – Reviews of books, apps, toys, and other swinging related topics.
  • The Road Ahead – A preview of lifestyle dates, events, and trips we have on the calendar.

Our content is X-rated at times.  As such it will not be appropriate for anyone under the age of 18.

Buckle up!  We may have to stop short as we brake for fun…

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