Exit 1 – Our First Podcast Episode Is Out!!

The brake4fun podcast logo. Well, our first podcast episode is out and available.  It was a rush job.  It is far from perfect.  However, it was put out on schedule!

The Beginning

In this premier episode (Bottom of the list here) we are going to push the “driving down the highway and tapping the brakes for fun stuff” analogy until it just gets ridiculous.  Ha ha!   We introduce our regular segments:

Shop Adam & Eve!
  • Trip Planner – Our opening segment.  A introduction to each episode where we share what we will be covering on this “Exit”
  • Road Houses & Scenic Views – Story time!  In this segment we share our lifestyle experience and talk about how it influenced our perspectives
  • Picking up Hitch-Hikers – This is our guest segment.  We will have experts, podcasters, and average swingers on to gain their insight on the lifestyle
  • The Road Ahead – We preview our upcoming parties, lifestyle vacations, parties, dates, and select vanilla happenings.
  • Back on the Highway – Our closing segment.

Show Notes for “Exit 1” – Break4fun’s first podcast episode

Also, we are adding a segment called Junk in the Trunk.  This will be our review segment.  You see, along the way we have experiences with sex toys, lifestyle clubs, lifestyle party organizers, books, and other random items that may interest our listeners.

Next, we do a brief introduction of ourselves and talk a little about how we went from vanilla to lifestylers.  And, we talk a bit about how other podcasts influenced us and encouraged us to take the plunge.

After that, we visit Road Houses & Scenic Views where we recount a very personal story about our very first lifestyle encounter.  Turns out, that a micro-penis may make an otherwise sexy night less than exceptional!

Our hitchhikers on this episode are none other than  C & D from Swinging Down Under.   We have a great discussion on the topic of Swing Styles.  Turns out, they seem to change, grow and evolve over time.  There is no single right swing style, or approach to the lifestyle.  Therefore, each of us as individuals, and as couples, must find our way as each individual swinging journey unfolds.

We look at The Road Ahead to talk about upcoming dates, and swing-tastic events coming our way.

Technical BS (if you are interested in creating your own first podcast episode)

Mrs Brake and I had a blast recording our first podcast episode, or in Brake4fun terms “Exit 1“.  However, it was a time crushed exercise in the technical side of pod-casting.   You see, with my technical background I thought that we could easily host our own audio files, hand code our rss feed, and get clear audio.  So, we got our pro Marantz MPM-1000 mics, a four channel mixing board, a Sangean digital recorder, and some headphones.  I’m also experienced with Audacity and I thought that would make our editing and audio quality great…. Ugh.

Our first podcast episode was a little rough. Turns out that we should have done some test recordings.  You see, our first podcast episode, Exit 1, was our first time using our new gear.  That was mistake number one.  Next, we recorded in a very noisy hotel room.  There was a wedding reception right under our room.  And, the fan in the room was incredibly noisy providing a very undesirable low hum.  To make matters worse, I had the trim level settings all wrong. That made the mics super sensitive so they picked up all the background location.  Finally, it turns out that getting close up on the mic provides the best result… and Mrs Brake and I were just leaning back in our chairs chatting.  So, those are the main points… but not all of the problems we created for ourselves.

Let’s just say, we had some lessons learned.  The good thing is, we know why the audio sucked – especially in the first segment.  And, we know what we need to do to improve.

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