Exit 4 is available! Vanilla with Sprinkles – Finding Your Pace in the Swing Lifestyle

Exit 4 – Vanilla with Sprinkles – Finding Your Pace in the Swing Lifestyle

Exit 4 is available.  Pull off on Exit 4 to hear an excellent interview with an excellent couple.  In this show we consider swing-style in terms of the pace with which each couple, individually, approaches couples, events and the lifestyle itself.

Mrs Brake also reviews one of her most favorite sex toys.  Tune in to find out what it is. Ladies, if you don’t have one of these in your nightstand, you will likely want to add one to your toy collection!

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To be sure, there is no one way to approach the lifestyle, and there is no single pace that works for everyone… Listen in to find some food for thought about the wide range of people that are “in the lifestyle”.

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Join us to learn about connections in the swinger lifestyle and to hear our Junk in the Trunk reviews. Spoiler Alert!   In this episode Mrs. Brake reviews one of her favorite sex toys – it gets high marks.   😉

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