Break4fun Exit 2 is coming

These days seems like it should be break4fun instead of brake4fun. Because we seem to be on an extended break. OBE – overcome by events. That said, the brake4fun Exit 2 is just about ready to be released. We have a little editing to do before it will be ready for you. Stay tuned.  As we mentioned in November, we have had some stuff going on…

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Brake4fun Exit 2

As we hit our second exit off the swinger highway, we pick-up some sexy hitchhikers from California. They joined us at Desire Pearl to share their story and their experiences as they have made their way in the swinging lifestyle.

No one said this would be easy. We are working to turn break4fun back into brake4fun as we head into the new year. We hope you will join us as we continue on down the highway.


You can go to the podcast here.

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